Brand Values

Welcome change

We believe in welcoming change in a woman’s life with all its ups and downs. After all, we are born out of change and we stand for change with products that place the women right back to where they belong in society. We know that pregnancy and motherhood are transformative times for a woman and that they may never go back to who they were. But, we believe they surely can welcome the new improved version of themselves!

Celebrate motherhood

Why is it that celebration of pregnancy and motherhood is always about the baby but not the mother? From the baby shower to the gifts, baby takes center stage while the moms are kicked to the side bench. We are a brand established by a mother who didn’t stop just there. That’s why we believe in celebrating all the creativity and beauty that comes with motherhood with our premium and stylish maternity wear, determined to give it’s true worth.

Love the body you are in

We do know about becoming estranged with our bodies during pregnancy and nursing. But, we believe all the those physical changes are just how the nature intended it to be.  The same nature that provides women with a miracle called breastmilk. That’s why we offer cool, stylish and flattering clothes for nursing goddesses to have a new found respect for their bodies.

Breastfeeding is a superpower

We believe breastfeeding is a superpower. Not only it is the best and healthiest food for the baby, it also has the power to transfer love, care, warmth and security while creating a unequivocal bond between the mom and her baby. That’s why we try to make it easier for moms to exercise their superpower every day.

Make a statement

As Accouchee, we believe in making a statement with the way we dress mothers and changing the dialogue around motherhood and breastfeeding. We don’t believe in hiding behind a blanket or behind closed doors. It can’t be a coincidence that new moms keep getting compliments each time they dress up in an Accouchee.

Best of both worlds; motherhood & womanhood

We believe in best of both worlds. Yep, having a baby changes everything. Priorities surely do take a swift turn. But, becoming a mother doesn’t mean she should give up on her identity, style and life as a woman. That’s why we design clothes that make her feel beautiful and put together while she juggles between her many roles as a mother, a wife and/or as a career woman. A role model, all in one!

Care about the environment

We care about the environment as we care about the future of the world for our children. Therefore we use BCI cotton in our bestsellers. (The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a global not-for-profit organisation and the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. For more information please visit

We know that our gift boxes are adorable; yet we prefer to use them upon particular request from you. For all the other shipments we send your products in a reusable cloth bag that you can also use as a diaper bag later.