Dress the Part

Accouchée is about empowering women to ‘dress the part’ in every stage of their lives, be it a mother, wife or a career woman.

In the true spirit of Accouchée, it inspires moms to take a stance against the norm and make a statement that will last much longer than the impression they leave behind with what they’re wearing.

The idea of ‘dressing the part’ is born out of a dire need to dress decently and appropriately while nursing. It’s about giving moms the ease and the freedom to breastfeed wherever her baby needs to be fed. It is also about feeling beautiful as a mother and a woman.

‘Dressing the part’ is an attitude that describes the journey of millions of women who go through many stages in their lives, motherhood being a critical one and coming up stronger each and every time. This idea is about welcoming change and women celebrating the new improved version of themselves. 

The idea reflects the true nature of the category and connects with the minds and hearts of today’s modern and active moms.

‘Dress the part’ is distinctive, in touch and true to the essence of Accouchée.