BellyCover Radiation Shield for Pregnancy

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According to the studies conducted by the US National Health Organization, electromagnetic radiation exposure during pregnancy slows down the development of babies in the mother's womb, and may cause negative effects such as mental retardation and learning difficulties in case of continuous exposure.

Pure silver has been used in many cultures for protection and therapeutic purposes for centuries.

We can summarize the three most important benefits of silver as follows:

  • It prevents the reproduction and colonization of bacteria and microbes. It is known to degrade the DNA of approximately 650 species of bacteria and microbes (Oligodynamic effect).
  • Increases blood circulation, accelerates the regeneration of the skin surface. Since it is a highly conductive metal, it completes and accelerates the electric flow between the cells at the points where it comes into contact with the skin.
  • Silver provides an effective shielding against radiation. Reflects 95% of infrared rays back to the source.

The only metal allowed to touch human skin in textile products is 99.9% pure silver.

Belly Cover is produced from Bremen fabric woven from 99.9% pure silver thread imported from Germany. Thanks to the shielding power of silver, the baby in the womb is protected from electromagnetic waves in the environment.

If you want to see the shielding effect with your eyes, simply wrap your mobile phone with Bremen fabric and call yourself. You may see that the phone does not ring because it cannot receive a signal, or if you put it while it is ringing, the signal is cut off after a while.

It does not contain nano (colloidal) silver particles. The protective feature of pure silver occurs with the ion release of silver.

You can wear the Belly Cover anywhere you will be exposed to electromagnetic waves during pregnancy, and you can have a peace of mind, thanks to the shield; which is integrated into a t-shirt entirely made of cotton and can be worn both comfortably and in style. Whether you are a plaza employee or a doctor, or one of those who cannot live without a mobile phone, do not be afraid of the places you work or live, and the networks around you!