Effortless Elegance Set with Rib Side Zip Long Sleeve Maternity/Nursing Top & Lounge Pants

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100% Viscose

Silky-soft fabric means total comfort in this coordinated set featuring dual zips on the top's bodice for easy nursing.

For pregnancy, nursing and ever after...

Customer Reviews

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Perfect gift for a new mom!

My sister bought it to me as a gift. I wore it during pregnancy and now I am wearing it to be able to breastfeed anywhere. I used it and loved it so much that I am buying its other color now. As it comes in one size only, it is indeed a perfect gift for a new mom!

First hesitated but it is worth!

I first hesitated due to its price. I was wondering what if it is not good quality or it does not fit. It looked perfect and felt great! As it is one size, you may be scared but somehow it fit to me as well as my sister who is by far slimmer than me. Well sometimes I just cant take it off and wear for a few consecutive days so it becomes a bit more loose than it normally is. Yet, once washed it gets back to its normal form.

Cool and comfy

It is super comfy and it looks so cool. Indeed, you yoruself feel so cool as you feel like you can do anything, go anywhere, nurse anywhere and be stylish at all times... Loved it!

Even better than the photos!

An incredible set. It is so soft that you do not want to take it off once you wear it. It looks great on you even if you still have extra weight from pregnancy. It is so easy to breastfeed!

silky soft

It was so soft and was almost slipping from my hands that I checked what it was made of, it is made of beech tree fibers. It has an incredible touch!